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Jul 14, 2011 10:00pm EDT
beepretty horrifying for those families ho have alreadyygone law." meanwhile.... rupprt murdoch and his soo james will appear tuesday.... to testify. 3 in tonight's waste watch repoot he great light bulb debate is still on in washington.... at the question of plourescents...or incandescents..... as jeff abell ssows us, some consumers say its ime to dii the light on the ddbaae. p at the home depot in parkville..... thereeare phousands f bulbs....and one burning debate.... (13:16:36) "they got bright light, ay light, oftt light....." most pf the bulbs here are thh new florescent bulbs..... they look different.... llst longer. and have many customers shaking heir heads. (13:53:33) "they're ..looking. i donnt like em and i don't like the mercury in em eitter...." (14:09:15) "i'm not willing end of tte year, congress has ordered these bulbs to replace phe incandescent bulbs.... they save more energy.... but coss more money. a four pack of incandesceets costs a-dollar-27.... four pack of the new c-f-l's costs more than three times as much.... (13:32:45) "they'll
Jul 19, 2011 10:00pm EDT
... laaee in sportt. 3 nat sot :this s theehumbbestt day of my llfe. 33 the fiiewwrrs rupert murdoch faced in parliment today......and the wooannwhh ran to thh rescue...after the 3 3 @ 8 @@ @@ rule the tweet. rule the upload. rule the status update. rule the moment. we built america's most reliable network to make a more powerful you. rule the air. verizon 3&pdeal on raising the ddbt ceiiiing coold coss aryland its top bond ratinn.maryland - is ooe of 15 states that has a triple-a bond rating....and &pitts one of 5 states that the credit agency says maryllnd depends heavvly on federal mooey. 3& president obama backs tte work offthe gang of six". pheir plan ould cut tte the plan includes raisingga prillion dollars in new rreenue.republiccns in the houseehaae not had mmch to saa about it yet.they are still working on theirr cut, cap ann balance" plan... roogrsssays: "cut, cap and balaace that would withhold -3 spenning to aalevel we ccn affood." &&pafford.""geen sayy: "the cut cap and balance takes our nation closerrto default by holding the debt ceiling hostage for a constitutional am
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2